• We are a Christ-based, 12 step program.
  • We are a sober-living facility.  
  • We are a ministry offering 2 programs for men: A residential 7 month program where members stay for the first month then are able to get an outside job, and a residential disability program.  
  • We are different from other programs.  We allow tobacco, cell phones, and other electronics.  We allow TVs in various phases.  We allow medications, though strictly monitored.  We allow personal vehicles.  Our desire is to allow God to deliver you from tobacco or any other sinful behavior not because we demand it but because you want to be sanctified.
  • We are interested in showing how Christ can keep you sober through education and through the Word of God. 
  • We are interested in you getting a job off the property and learning to be responsible with your bills.
  • We are interested in you getting back on your feet as a responsible, accountable member of society.  
  • We are interested in teaching you to be Christ-like.